Monday, August 10, 2009

Still P.W.

June 17, 2008 - Tuesday

For lack of the nail, the shoe was lost; for lack of the shoe, the horse was lost; for lack of the horse, the rider was lost; for lack of the rider, the message was lost; for lack of the message, the war was lost...

Well, sort of. It's for lack of four screws, actually.

The Beastie should have been running on Sunday; now it's Tuesday and I'm hoping for this evening. Yesterday over lunch break I swung by my mech's again. I'm sure I'm they're most frequent visitor. I picked u pthe left foot peg, but the two screws they'd said they had in stock on Saturday weren't actually in stock. So much for that. Kevin suggested trying Bächli in Dietikon, but they're closed on Mondays, and he couldn't find any right-sized inch screws at his workplace.

I called Bächli this morning, and they've got the screws set aside for me. Kev will pick them up after work - he works practically across the road from them. And so please it God, the Beastie will be drivable this evening. We still have to figure out how the mount the blinkers in the new back assembly. The blinker necks don't fit in the holes, and making the holes big enough to fits blinkers and washers would force us to drill along the base of the assembly... I'll leave it up to to the guys to figure that one out.

The main thing now is getting the seat frame secured and lock tighted. Once that happens, I can drive.

It seems the airbox cover wasn't delivered this morning, which is a frightful nuisance since I was going to run it over to Frau Mundwiler tomorrow over lunch while I still have the car. Maybe it came in this afternoon. Cheibe Wartäräi.

I'm sitting on pins and needles thinking I'll be getting the Beastie back. I can't wait for 1700 hours.

Addition: I was just looking through older blog posts and reading how we tuned my pride and joy up, and read Katie's plea for me to be careful and not wreck it, and my confidant reply that I wouldn't; that I wouldn't be doing anything too crazy until I had it all insured...

Me and my big mouth.

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