Monday, August 10, 2009

Mid-week blather

March 26, 2008 - Wednesday

It’s abnormally quiet at the office this morning. I wonder why. The snow has finally stopped coming down, and it’s gradually supposed to lighten up by Friday, which is good, because on Friday evening I really want to hit the practice course at the Strassenverkehrsamt again. I need to work on my emergancy braking.

Yesterday the mail brought me three boxes: My PYO swap piece from twindragonsmum, done in Easter pastels, a Windstone hatching gargoyle as a late Christmas/birthday gift from dragonessjade (It came in a huge box. I can’t believe she did that. I only sent her a package of chocolate.) and an order from Yves Rocher with the corresponding bill that’ll have to be paid. I also got a notice that my air scoops from Frank Parts were shipped out yesterday, so I should get those soon, too. I wonder what customs will charge for them. As soon as I’ve had a look at them, I’ll order the airbox cover and a new vented chin spoiler. Assuming the mech finally gets my parts in by time those arrive, I’m thinking I’ll be able to give to whole kaboodle to Frau Mundwiler by mid next month.

Speaking of which, I changed my mind again about the design I’ll have painted on Beastie. The Aqua theme ended up being too girly and sluggish. I’ve decided to stick with the original idea, with a twist.

I’ll be glad when that part of customizing is out of the way. I’ve been thinking about it so long I want to move on to something else. Like an idea Kevin had the other day.

He suggested we put spikes on my wheels, like the ones of ancient war chariots. He said he could make them for me (and refused any offer of payment, though I’ll be darned if I let him eloxate the foots pegs, make filler screws and wheel spikes all for free). So last night while we chatted on MSN I figured out what he could do, and we got a basic idea of shape and size. I’ll sketch some design ideas so we can look at the on Friday. Beastie is gonna be one badass bike.

Okay, I’ve meandered off onto the subject of my motorcycle again... What else is going on? (Besides that today is the third day I’ve ever had leave it in the garage and go with the car because of bad weather.)

Yesterday I sent an e-mail to SAW confirming that Florian and I are coming to Estoril with them, and that we’re really looking forward to it. This is high-end exclusive. We’ll be staying a five-star Le Meridien hotel, and there are only five people going in all: Two from SAW, us two Bachmanns and an architect. I still can’t believe my luck. We’re going in about two weeks - I hope Adele is at Oma’s today so I can figure out when to go shopping for appropriate clothes. She said something about a two-piece suit, but aside from the fact that I don’t like that businesswoman look at all, the weather in Estoril is between 10 and 25° Celsius, which is warm. I’m going to look for some dresses, I think.

This is gonna be awesome.

So much better.

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