Monday, August 3, 2009

I wish I were driving...

October 12, 2007 - Friday
Gorgeous sunny day outside, relatively warm for October, a shiny Buell sitting out in the parking lot, and me stuck here in front of a computer.

It wasn't a bad week. And it helps that today is Friday. But there were a couple things...

I've had the Buell for 8 days and I've laid it down twice. Meh. But since the second time something's loose in the Getriebe, and the brake handle is bit off kilter. Both are things that'll be fixed on the 23rd at the first service, but they require easy riding until then, the bike rattles a bit under the growl and it doesn't make for a good start to the obligatory 12 hours of class that I start tomorrow. I can't complain, even then. Crashing the curb taught me not to get over-confidant, and Opa will pay for the service - new tires front and back, fixing the gear box and a new brake handle. Alles gebongt.

I went through a lot of levers and foot pegs in those first couple months.

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