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September 11, 2008 - Thursday

I've got enough planned for the next week and a half to keep my mind off some difficulties that have arisen in CeCe. Starting today, as follows:

School tonight, but I'm skipping the first one and a half hours. At least that. Maybe I can clear my desk in that time.

Tomorrow morning at 0900 hours an appointment at the optometrist's. I'm going to get half-year lenses and I'll finally be able to see again.

After that's over I'm going to swing by SihlCity and look for a suitable driving backpack. It should be black and small and not have too many straps on it. I hope I find something, because I'll need it for the next few Saturdays.

Friday evening I need to spend an hour or two at the shooting range and put in my contirbution to the community shoot, since I won't be around on Saturday.

Bright and early on Saturday, around 0715 hours, I'm headed down to Lignières and hopefully won't get rained upon. I'll be there at the Buell Training and Racing Day until about 1830 hours.

Sunday will probably be rainy, and I'll make a comfy day of it with books and artwork and catching up on chores.

Next week work as usual, possibly play hooky from a couple classes, hopefully do an evening drive through the Schwarzwald with UB. And then comes the highlight of the month, on Saturday, September 20: The Road Runner Tour 2008. (If it's not raining, that is.)

Fabian, Roger, Remo and I will a tour to beat all tours, driving these passes in an 18-hour marathon, covering 1200 km in one day.

1. Flüela
2. Ofen
3. Stelvio, (schönere strecke)
4. Umbrail
5. Gavia ( mit vorsicht zu geniessen!)
6. Foppa (sehr eng und gefährlich,variante Aprico)
7. Bernina
8. Albula
9. Julier
10. Maloja
11. Splügen
12. Bernardino
13. Lukmanier
14. Oberalp
15. Gotthard
16. Nufenen
17. Grimsel
18. SUSTEN ab auf die bahn

I've driven maybe a third of them before; the rest will be new to me. I've been assigned the spot right behind Remo, who's leading, since I'm the least experienced driver of the pack. I'll be meeting them at the autobahn rest stop by Wädenswil at 0500; they'll have come up from Gunzgen in Solothurn where they'll meet at 0400 hours.

I'm very excited and rather nervous about the tour. I don't know if I'll be able to manage all of it. If not, there's obviously no requirement to drive all 1200 km and I can go home early. But I want to test my limits - and the Beastie's. My bike has been really good for almost two months now, not losing any screws or having electronic failures. I hope that doesn't change on this tour...

I'll be sure to post about it after I recover from it in a few weeks.

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