Monday, August 10, 2009

Further tweaking

July 24, 2008 - Thursday

I haven't posted in a week, and I should update again. Y'all can guess the subject, I'm sure.

On Monday, in four days - I can barely contain myself - the Termignoni will be mounted, and the Beastie will become the Beast. In the mean time, I've been - or actually, I should say the boys have been - adding more little customized elements to my bike.

Florian fixed the short gas pull on Monday evening, so the bike runs like it ought to again, even with the Rizoma grips. I gave it a good wash and wax on Tuesday before spending the day driving (grayness ad occasional drippiness notwithstanding).

Yesterday, Florian installed an LED in the headlights which adds a blue glow to the lighting. You can't really see it in daylight, but it shows in the dark and it adds a nice touch. It'll fit the blue engine lighting, which Florian said he'll put in after the Termignoni has been mounted. Next week, that means.

I've bought a textured aluminum grid to be mounted under the seat. Kevin took the measurements for the area and will cut the grid to size once he starts work again. We'll have to drill four holes in the base to mount it, but that shouldn't be a problem.

There's not much left to alter on the Beastie. In the winter I'll have the Termignoni tuned and opened so it'll be even louder. I'll also have the mech do a thorough strip-down of the bike so he can fix that annoying tic-tic-tic that ruins the deep growl of the engine. And I've been toying with the idea of getting the Chrümmer - the engine pipes - chromed. Kevin knows somebody who can do that, so he'll ask about difficulty and price for me. I bet it would cost a pretty penny, but it sure would look cool.

And of course, I still need a set of rear blinkers mounted....

In the mean time, I've commissioned Rusti from the Windstone forum to do a couple photo manipulations for me, consisting of a stylized grizzly and the Beastie. Finding good pictures of grizzlies in usable poses turned out to be more of a challenge than I expected, but Rusti offered a couple good sites to look. I'll be able to use the pictures in various way when they're ready.

What else? I'm taking tomorrw off and will spend the day driving. The weather should be great. I have no obligations over the weekend either... Yup, these next few days will be lovely. And Monday keeps getting closer.

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