Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Island prep

Monday evening, 8 o'clock. Weird weather, but beautiful. The mountain keeps surprising me with light spectacles one doesn't see anywhere else.
Unfortunately, the weather hadn't let up by next morning, but it did allow me to test my new rain suit and prove that the new tires hold up well in wet circumstances.

On Saturday the Beast came out of service sporting new wheel bearings, two new Metzeler Z8 tires and new Remus exhaust. The clutch was adjusted, the 48,000 km service done and the little oil leak in the rocker box was checked and deemed not yet critical. (I'll probably have it fixed at the next service, before my warranty runs out in mid-August.)
I like the Metzelers. Whether the Z8 will replace my current favorite depends on how long it lasts. But after over 600 km I can give a first evaluation of the Metzelers. The Continental RoadAttack is very easy to drive and forgiving from the start. The Z8 isn't as generous; in the beginning it liked to smear. But once I broke it in it rewarded me with precise handling, clear reports and smooth braking. I'm quite satisfied.

And the Remus?
It growls wonderfully, especially wonderfully loud. What the Termi offered in acoustics the Remus makes up for in decibels. I'm just glad I don't need to worry about the goofy thing breaking loose anymore.
Next winter I'll have it blackened; silver won't do at all, of course. The '06 models only come in silver, and since I have an '06 12er manifold I couldn't get a black exhaust. Oh well. This'll only be the second exhaust I have powder-coated.
The bill for this exercise hasn't come yet, but it'll be around two and a half grand. It'd make you think the last service was two years back, not two months!
But hey, tomorrow we're headed for nine days of extreme riding in Sardinia. The Beast needs to be on its best behavior for that; good technical prep is a must.