Monday, August 10, 2009

More tuning plans

July 1, 2008 - Tuesday

Last night got kinda late because I spent it with Kevin and Nico.

On Saturday, Kevin came along on the Rigi with Opa and Oma and me, and we'd just barely gotten down the mountain. I was waiting at the Gössi farm for him, and he just didn't show, so I gave him a call and it turned out his faithful Duke wasn't running. I'm not even going to try to describe the problem, even though I spent about two hours last night watching them take it apart and analyze it. Anyway, it was something in the motor that broke through something else.

We pushed the bike to the Gössi farm, and yesterday evening Uncle Andy took his Dodge Durango and trailer, picked up Kevin from work and drove out there to get the Duke. They dropped it off at Nico's workshed in Zürich. Nico has all the tools and a platform so they can work on it easily.

So, yesterday while they got their hands greasy and passed tools around, I looked through Nico's stash of parts. He's got about a dozen motorcycles and quads and stuff for all of them. In my head, I started to put together a list of things I still want to do to the Beastie. I'll make an Excel file of it as soon as I get a chance.

-blue xenon headlights
-longer handlebars, maybe blue
-metal grid under the seat to cover the scratched black plastic over the wheel
-blue Rizoma handlebars
-chrome Chrümmer pipes (maybe those come with the Termignoni)
-Termignoni tune-up in the winter
-K&N air filter (ordered)
-engine lighting with blue LEDs
-axle spikes

Yesterday Kevin brought along the first pair of axle spikes for the back wheel. The center bar was a bit short, but the spikes - which aren't as pointy as I'd have liked, but shouldn't cause too much trouble with the police - look great. I can't wait to have all four mounted.

The next thing is really to get the back blinkers mounted. I have a feeling I might need to settle for the ugly little Kellerman things, though, because the necks of the Polo blinkers are too wide to fit in the holes of the back LED assembly.

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