Monday, August 3, 2009

Hope for the best

November 1, 2007 - Thursday

Well, Beastie's at the garage, getting worked on. Florian and I dropped it off at the garage again this morning. Man, I missed driving it for the past week. It just sat in the garage. I felt downright guilty, taking the car to work with the Buell sitting there. But once it's fixed, I'm back on two wheels. It was so good to drive it again this morning - even despite the ominous rattling in the engine.

I gather the garage allotted six hours for it today, and I hope hope hope they find and fix whatever's wrong with it. But, as usual, I hoep for the best and fear the worst - the worst being that they don't, and that it stays there for a few weeks.

If I don't get to pick it up tomorrow, I'll have to take Florian's Kawa to the lessons on Saturday morning and Monday evening. And aside from the fact that Florian needs his Kawa to get to work on Monday, his bike isn't as well suited for me as mine. Even if he does lower the shocks, so it's not quite so tall anymore, it still has a longer wheelbase than the Buell and more turn radius of the handlebars and I haven't driven it near as often as mine... The one good thing about using his would be driving the mountain curves. I admit I feel way more secure driving curves on his right now than on mine, for some reason. But I'd still rather use mine.

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