Monday, August 10, 2009


June 18, 2008 - Wednesday

It's getting harder by the day to keep my patience and temper. For real - if there's been a possibility for delay, it's happened. Frank Parts says they can deliver in 2 to 5 work days; it's now the 7th. The seat frames took a week to arrive. (Okay, that could have taken longer. Thank God it didn't.) And yesterday Bächli delivered the wrong screws. I specifically said on the phone, I need the four screws for the seat frame, the carrying screws, the ones that attach to the tubeframe. It doesn't get much clearer than that. But when Kevin handed me the little bag with four screws - cost: 20 franks - I thought, These have got to be too small.

They are. The idiots delivered the screws for the LED assembly. The only thing that kept me from complete frustration was the fact that I couldn't have driven the Beastie home yesterday anyway. I'd forgotten my key, didn't have my gear along, and school started at 1900 hours. The plan now is for Kevin to pick up the right screws from Bächli after work - he's even got two along as examples so they're sure to hand him the right ones - and then I can drive the Beastie home this evening.

Over lunch I need to refuel the Bläuli - I promised I'd bring it back full - and I'll swing by Migros to pick up a fancy wine for the Derrers as a thank-you, some beer for Kris and a kilo or two of sweets for Florian as payment for them helping me rebuild my bike. There goes the second third of the 270.- I earned for babysitting last Saturday. 3000.- to amend one second of stupidity. I hope to high heaven I never do that again.

Now if my airbox cover arrives today, I'll be pretty happy. I need my bike back. The weather is going to be glorious today and tomorrow, and I need my Beastie under me.

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