Monday, September 21, 2009


Yesterday a year ago Silver slid into and I under the guard rail on the road to Bernau from Präg after a blue Peugeot or Golf or whatever it was came at us in our lane.
Reason enough to quit procrastinating and start work on getting the old machine in working condition again.
It's been sitting in the basement looking like this for far too long, gathering dust and spider webs as the Hyosung, the Rieju 50 and various bits of Husky took turns on the table beside it.

Löchen and I started by cleaning up, and then got to work, draining the oil and lube, detaching the oil cooler (filled with mud and probably no longer leakproof) removing the inspection covers, the whole crank case cover and all three gaskets. It looks like a tractor inside.
We refinished the clutch inspection cover and cleaned everything. We had to cut a new screw thread, M8 instead of 5/16. Florian found the appropriate screw but had to shorten it.
Now the shifter will hold. For a while. And if it doesn't anymore we'll stick it a bit farther forward.
Next to be done is putting in new gaskets and remounting all the covers, assembling the shifter, refilling the lube and oil and reattaching the oil cooler.

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