Friday, September 4, 2009

The problem is pinpointed; now to solve it.

November 26, 2008 - Wednesday

I just talked to Fabio. They've found the problem - for real this time. It's the 25 kW limit. Buell changed the limiter kit, and now the machine is getting conflicting information from its onboard computer, which is why it idles badly.
The thought that that might be the problem crossed my mind last week; now I've got myself riled that I didn't mention it earlier. I told Fabio that if that was the problem they should go ahead an open it up, if they could. I have no intention of driving around on puny 34 horse until May 2010. Of course the mechanic doesn't want to suffer if something happens and the insurance taps the books when it finds the machine is open. He could be made responsible too. I said I'd sign away his responsibility; I just want the darn motorcycle. Poor Peter is tearing his hair out trying to get it to run properly, and I was planning on having it opened up at the first 1600 km service anyway. I asked Fabio to see if they could go ahead and open it up for me; I'll call on Thursday if I haven't heard from him by then.
Man, this makes me so mad. They've had the bike for two weeks and want to be rid of it; I want to bring it home and the only thing in the way is a stupid law that everybody I know ignores. I'm going to go read some more Edgar Allen Poe.

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