Saturday, September 19, 2009

New route

If the weather forced us to cancel our long-anticipated Dolomite tour, I was at least going to make use of the bit of sunshine that showed itself this week. At midday I said goodbye to office and annoying telephone and met Susanne at the Motoria at 1300 hours. She'd just had her rear tire changed; she programmed her GPS and off we went.
We'd vaguely planned to reach the usual passes over the Brünig, but after spontaneously deciding to drive over the Steihuserberg by Wolhusen we ended up on the Glaubenberg and the tour from there led me on roads I'd never before driven.

Cow and Beastie on the Glaubenberg.

Speedy and Beast on the gravel parking lot of the little eatery on top of the Glaubenberg. Nothing but sunshine.

A pretty little forest road on the way to the Sörenberg.

On the Sörenberg panorama road...

...with the panorama.

We stopped by the motorcycle meeting spot on the Schallenberg, where a BMW dealer had a couple of his two-wheeled butlers available for test drives. From there we bypassed Thun, drove along Lake Brienz, over the Brünig and reached the autobahn after dark. It took us home.
We parted ways in Cham, and to finish the day I drove the familiar Albis.
Switzerland has plenty of pretty little corners that I've no knowledge of. I'll definitely drive yesterday's route again, though maybe this time crossing the Glaubenberg from the other side.

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  1. Hey, there's a leetle tiny cow standing on your bike... chewing on you seat... Better watch out for that.


    I replied to your comment on my blog that if you want me to mess with your layout code, I'd be more than happy to. It looks great, though! I like the dark blue.