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Thanksgiving '08

November 28, 2008 - Friday

It wasn't a big deal. Florian has had vacation nearly all week, so he was home for a Thanksgiving lunch. Joshua and I spent the day at work; in the evening we had a church service and pumpkin pie and that was that. (Well, I haven't had my pumpkin pie yet; Mom packed it for my lunch today. I like pumpkin pie, but I ate the rest of the chicken last night and wasn't hungry enough for pie afterwards.)

The defining moment of yesterday wasn't Thanksgiving. I talked to Achim again to find out progress on the Beastie. I laugh every time I think about it, even though it's really not funny. The problem is in the mapping, there's nothing Peter can do and the whole story is now on somebody's table in Wisconsin. Achim thinks they didn't update the mapping or didn't program it right, so it disagrees with the limiter kit. He said he could have an answer from the States any second, which to my mind just means no motorcycle for an indefinite amount of time.

I'm hearing from all sides that I'm being way too patient, but I've taken to ignoring the comments. I do intend to get something out of the delay - maybe a set of travel bags for the Beastie. I don't care about a rebate; I'll just stick the money back into the bike, so Buell may as well give me merchandise. It comes cheaper for them, and I'll be happy.

I'm glad the bike is already paid for, even though everyone else says it was a mistake. I just know that if the money weren't already spent, Dad might have insisted I switch brands for something more reliable. That I won't. This keeps taking corners and now I'm curious to see what headquarters say to my problem.

(Yes, I know curiosity killed the cat! I still insist on a doggone Buell.)

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