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December 9, 2008 - Tuesday

I has it.

It was supposed to rain, even snow, all through Saturday, which it faithfully did. But it was only misting in the morning, so I geared up in half a dozen layers, my back protector, winter gloves and scarf and took the Beastie out, just to add kilometers. I headed over the Buchenegg Pass and into Aargau. It didn't take long before the rain set in for good. I should have put on my rain gear, but I just watched the kilometers tick away, kept the Beastie between 3000 and 4500 rpm, and made it to Buchs AG before it started to snow with the rain and the fog closed in. So I turned around and headed back home.
Upon reaching the Buchenegg Pass, it was snowing thickly. I had to keep my visor up so the snow wouldn't gather and block my sight and there was 3 inches of slush on the road. First non-work drive on the new bike and I take it into the snow. Poor Beastie.
I left home around 0900 hours and returned at midday, just as Dad drove up with the groceries. The Beastie was sprayed with salt and mud, as was my whole backside. My scarf was wet and my right hand was freezing cold and there were 160 kilometers more on the tacho.
There wasn't much of a fire in the kitchen, but Dad helped me take off my helmet - my hands were too cold and painful to do anything for about ten minutes. I peeled off my wet layers and once my hands warmed up again, I got to spend the rest of the afternoon in my candle-lit room with a pot ofhot tea, feeling like I actually earned it.
The product of that afternoon was a pen and ink Christmas card that turned out rather nicely. It's posted on DeviantArt and Photobucket, but I won't put it up here until it's a bit closer to Christmas.
Sunday wasn't so productive. It was dry but chilly, so I should have done another 160 klicks, but I got stuck typing the first eight pages of Mom's annual Christmas epistle, so the Beastie didn't get any exercise.
I did try out the new high-pressure water contraption. ('Contraption' is a great word. In German the thing is a Hochdruckreiniger; haven't a clue what it is in English.) Dad helped me put it together and get the hose to fit; after five minutes the Beastie was shining like new. I'll be using it quite a bit, now they've started salting the roads.
The sun is setting now, the sky's a dirty créme brûlée color, and in about half an hour I'm heading home over the Albis. 22 more klicks on the tacho.

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