Friday, September 4, 2009

$20 saddle on a $10 horse

March 12, 2009 - Thursday

Meaning, a repair to the tune of SFr. 935.70 of the car I bought for 3'800.- With 1'500.- annual insurance, 750.- annual taxes and an average tank fill cost of 75.-, I've bought that car twice over by now since purchasing it half a year ago.
Oh well. It's less bother than selling the Bonnie, finding a new car, buying it, transferring the insurance and plates... And anyway, I've become attached to my little bordeaux ghetto cruiser. So there.
Still, I was pretty shocked to get the bill from the garage this morning. Their hourly rate there is 140.-, and when Dutli, Jr. said reckoned with three to four hours of work, I was thinking of a bill of maybe half a grand. I didn't bother to think of all the material they'd need to get the Bonnie into shape after all that winter driving we did.
Since I'm a new customer, they want the payment in cash. Makes sense to me; it's just easier to spend money when you don't have to hand over physical bills. (That being my bane when it comes to online shops that take PayPal.)
So yeah, the Bonnie is ready for pickup. I'm babysitting tonight, have plans for tomorrow evening and am going driving in France with United on Saturday, but I told Dutli, Jr. I'd pick up the car on Monday evening.
He did mention that something or other around the wheels, having to do with the shocks, was broken and ought to be replaced at some point. I don't remember what exactly, but since I'll barely be using the Bonnie during the summer, I won't have it done for a while.

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