Friday, September 4, 2009

...Or not

November 15, 2008 - Saturday

I'm as mad a smoked hornet right now.
I was sure I could pick up the Beastie tomorrow, but when Florian and I walked in there, all we got to do was look at it.
Achim was there, as were Peter and Fabio. We admired the bike, but then Achim told me I couldn't take it home yet; that there was a problem with the idling sensor and that I could probably pick it up tomorrow.
I was just a bit miffed, but I figured that after seven weeks of waiting one extra day wouldn't make a difference. So we went home, and I stayed home today, looking forward to picking up the Beastie tonight.
Florian had off today too, so together we went over to Affoltern a. A. to pick up primer and black spray and a high-pressure water cleaner for winter driving, to get rid of the salt.
We sprayed the gray tailpiece black - a really pretty sparkly black. So that's ready to be mounted. But it does me no good without the bike.
I was completely expecting to be able to pick up the bike today, but when I called at 1600 hours, Fabio informed me that they were still having problems with the bike, and I could only pick it up next week.
Of course, that was really, really disappointing. Another weekend without a bike; work on Monday when I was looking forward to vacation until Wednesday. I admit I'm a bit flustered. This isn't a good omen when I already had problems with Silver. I mean, I know Buell is about the opposite of "reliable," but couldn't it go smoothly just once?

Still, in favor of the Beast, it's a real bijoux. The wheels are a lovely rich blue - unfortunately that blue doesn't fit with my airbrush blue so I'll stick those wheels on Silver and put fancy black ones with chrome rims on the Beast, as soon as I have the extra 2000.- laying around. The black frame and black engine give it an even more menacing, powerful, regal look. Gah, now if only I could be driving it!

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