Monday, September 14, 2009

Over 10 mountains

I've had this bike for exactly one month, as of today. (Has it already been a month? Only a month? How time does fly.) And together we've covered 6000 kilometers. Six thou-sand. In four weeks. I didn't do that much in the four weeks around our Sardinia trip.
On Saturday morning I got home from a babysitting job around 0130 hours; it was 8 a.m. before I finally woke up and rolled out of bed. That gave me half an hour to wash up, make up, don jewelry and leathers and hit the road for Basel.
At the Café Sommer I met Roger and Octi; Hampi showed up soon after. Fabian was nowhere in sight, claiming he couldn't borrow his friend's Kawasaki that day. We all kinda figured that was an excuse to spend the time with his beloved instead of driving with us. It's always the same - find a woman, forget the bike and your biker buddies.
Oh well. Four is a good-sized group. We headed off, Roger in the lead, me second.
Roger had planned a day trip over ten mountains, from Frick to Grenchen. It was a comfortable tour, with dry roads, somewhat overcast but warm enough considering we were all wearing multipple layers and winter gloves. Toward the end it got a little chilly.
We drove nothing but curves and backroads. We couldn't drive very fast but it did keep one lucid and alert; I had fun. Post busses were a bit of a plague, and Roger had a very close call with a red Toyota, but we arrived at the restaurant in Grenchen hale, healthy and good and hungry, over an hour earlier than expected.
Afterwards I took the backroads home, a trip that lasted two hours.
Sunday was sunny and warm, and I made use of it with a short tour after church. I had a couple options in mind, but ended up taking the forest paths Dad had shown me te weekend I borrowed the Ulysses, driving partway up the Iberg before turning off to head down to the Muotathal. I had a little blue Citroën in front of me the whole way down, but I wasn't in an aggressive mood and didn't try to pass him anywhere. (There aren't many options anyway on that stretch.) As I viewed the scenery on the way I down I decided that as soon as I got my camera back (it's lent out to a guest at the moment) I'd make it a point to take it with me when I go driving. More pictures, fewer words. I missed a lot of good shots yesterday.
Since the Pragel is closed on the weekend I turned toward Schwyz and then Weggis. I drove along the Vierwaldstättersee, a winding road I'd never traversed before. From Küssnacht I took our usual Rigi-route back home.
There's a building site on the road between Buonas and Cham. The traffic light was red when I drove up, and standing before it were a cross machine and an orange kilo-Ninja. I noticed the tires on the cross bike; big ol' Stollenpneu with a deep profile meant for offroad; the driver was decked out in full gear. The Ninja driver was wearing flimsy jeans and tennis shoes.
My good initial impression of the crosser diminished when the light turned orange and he hit an electrostarter; the bike gave off a watered-down burbling, and I noticed the blue and white emblem on the side. For crying out loud.
I admittedly don't know much about the BMW F650 Xchallenge- can't find much on it online either - and I've never driven one, but a real crosser is going to drive Husaberg, Husky or a Jap - not, for goodness' sake, a Bimmer full of sissy help programs.
Anyway, he popped a very short power wheelie and was off. The Ninja took forever to get going, tempting me to pass him. I knew that if I did he'd just rip by my again afterwards like an idiot, so I stayed right next to his rear wheel, refusing to be provoked, until his ripped it up to the red zone and screamed away - for two hundred meters, until he had to hit the brakes because of traffic.
I followed them for a kilometer or two, hoping fervently they were heading toward the Albis too. I was gonna burn them so bad they wouldn't know what season it was.
But no go. The wusses pulled a U-ey in the road and headed back the way we'd come, away from the curves. Rats.
So I made it home with no challengers, having passed the 6000 km mark on the Beastie's odometer on our way over the Albis.
This afternoon is work-free because of Knabenschiessen in the City. I'm going to visit Polo to pick up a relais for the XR2, and then take a drive out to Appenzell. 'Bout time I visited the Schwägalp again.

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