Friday, September 4, 2009

Bringing the little bike home

October 1, 2008 - Wednesday

Yesterday was surprisingly quiet. Sure, there were phones to answer, but there were no rude or snappish people to deal with, and I was able to clear quite a bit of work off my desk and hard drive.

At 1600 hours on the dot I put in the answering machine and drove over to the Helvetiaplatz. Fabio and Peter loaded my little machine into the garage's van while I braced myself to drive it home. Achim had called it a "Büssli" on the phone - a little van. I've driven big vehicles, but nothing as big as that Mercedes.

I was very, very careful, crawling through Zürich, until I kinda got the hang of that huge machine. One advantage: everybody gets out of your way. I told myself I'd never criticize or mope about the slow acceleration of the working vans and trucks that I sometimes have to follow through Zürich. There's a lot going for the saying about walking a mile in another man's shoes - or driving a city in another guy's truck.

Dad came home to help me unload the Buell and put it in the garage. It'll stay there until I start taking it apart, transferring what I can to the new and improved Beastie, and organizing what's left so maybe I can learn something about motors. I think what I'm craving now is a spacious garage, more so than my own place to live. I'm also considering taking up airbrushing, so I don't have to bother Frau Mundwiler every time something needs fixing...

All in good time. First I gotta pay for the new Beastie.

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