Friday, September 4, 2009

Freebie motorcycle

January 16, 2009 - Friday

Built in 1990, 26 horses, 125 cubics, 130 km/h top speed and 140 kilos. That's the basis summary of the Gilera XR2 Florian, Andy and I picked up yesterday. Take this picture and imagine it covered in dust, and that's the bike that's standing at home now.

Andy told us he thought the bike would fetch four and a half to five grand on the market once we fixed it up and got it road-worthy again. Florian was thinking 1'500.-; I'm going for 3'500.- It is, after all, only a 125.
The tank is leaking, the carburator needs some serious cleaning, and I can't remember what kind of shape the tires are in. All the wear and tear parts look to be brand new, though, so aside whatever problems pop up during a test drive, we won't have to invest too much work or many parts to get it ready for a showing at the DOT.
And just since we're on the subject of bikes anyway... It's been above zero degrees all day. Rain is forecast for tomorrow through Tuesday. The Bonnie's going on vacation; it's the Beastie's turn again.

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