Friday, September 4, 2009

Seven weeks of waiting ends TODAY!

November 13, 2008 - Thursday

The fuzzy was pink (I get to pick up the Beastie this evening), I started painting the unicorn like Arthos on Tuesday (I get to pick up the Beastie this evening), I've sold the white curlie and need to box it up tonight ad ship it tomorrow (I get to pick up the Beastie this evening), Dad paid the 13'742.05 bill for the new black Beast last night and I transferred my first payment of 6'042.05 to him as well (I get to pick up the Beastie this evening), I'll annul the papers of Silver over lunch (I get to pick up the Beastie this evening) and I get to pick up the Beastie this evening!

I am stoked, excited, antsy, goosebrained right now like you wouldn't believe. I can't remember ever being so excited over something, or having a wait that seemed longer. I'll try to be as coherent as possible describing yesterday.

I went to work wearing my fur-lined boots and a skirt, sort of a "premonition" that I wouldn't be driving the Bonnie to work much longer and would soon be only wearing pants again because I'd be driving the Beastie. Half my brain was telling me I would hear from the mechanic until next week; half my brain was sure I'd hear something today. It was, after all, Wednesday, and Wednesdays are good days...

The morning at the office passed very slowly. My cell phone sat on the desk right next to me and didn't utter a beep.

1130 hours finally rolled around and I cruised over to Oma's for lunch. Stef's new Mothstorm book was in my backpack, and it made for very comfortable reading. I think it's my favorite of all the Larklight books. I love the anti-feminism. (Which is strange, because Reeve's mounting feminism in the Hungry City Chronicles annoyed me exceedingly, but maybe he's getting smarter as time goes on.)

I read about two-thirds through Mothstorm before it was 1400 hours and Opa came back and work started. And soon after that, my cell phone rang.

It wasn't the mech; it was my insurance agent. But he wanted to ask me about the new bike, since they didn't a type number for it yet. (I'm beginning to think I got the very first 2009 XB in Switzerland!) I confirmed that the new one was exactly the same in all paramount technical characteristics; the only difference of concern to the insurance was that it was brand new. (I really don't know why my mech couldn't have told him that. Silver was there what, four, five times for services?) But who cares. I'll have the insurance papers in the mail today or tomorrow - with the bill. Urg. And I'll have the Beastie tonight!

I'm squirming in my chair, and it's only shortly after 0900 hours. Bills written, calls made, contract mailed, more phone calls yet to do... The time will pass. And tomorrow and next Monday and Tuesday I'm taking off, vacation, to drive. I still need to see if any of the guys want to come with me. I don't mind driving by myself, but with this being a new bike, and a Buell, it would be helpful to have a technically-minded companion along, just in case the Beastie shakes some part of itself loose right away.

So in about two hours I'll be heading to the DOT to cancel Silver's papers - I'll get them back once the wreck has been through rehab and is ready to hit the road again as a stunt bike - then to Oma's for lunch, and start work early at 1300 hours so I can leave as soon as Florian gets off work. I'll drive home in the Bonnie, get on my motorcycle gear and we'll head for Harley Davidson Zürich. I can't wait to see my little black machine, and hear the engine purr, and know that I can get up in the morning, any morning, and if all else goes wrong, at least I've can look forward to time with the Beastie. Not to mention I can finally get all the customizing parts that I stripped from Silver off my floor...

I'm not sure how much I'll be online in the next week after this. Roads, wind and the great outdoors, here we come!

I'll have you know my excitement was misplaced. I was mistaken.

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