Friday, October 16, 2009

Silver lining

I figured I'd sleep on it and try to overcome my shock. I slept badly but I was able to put plenty of thought into the new situation in the world of motorcycles.
As a matter of fact, it shouldn't matter to me whether the company of Buell exists or not. I've got two XBs; spare parts will continue to be produced and delivered; there are plenty of aftermarket parts. But the knowledge that one's favorite company wasn't profitable is bitter, as if one had bet on the wrong horse. Which is ridiculous because the bikes are just as awesome now as on Wednesday.
If Harley would at least sell the brand! But no, it'll be let die and filed away. End of that.
The only thing left to do is look for the positive aspects of this development. And there are enough of those.
Buell existed sind 1983; XBs have only been built for about six years. So there are few Buells and even fewer XBs. That means the value of mine can only appreciate.
That also means I shouldn't just fix up Silver to toss around as a stunt-practice bike. (Now that I've ordered and paid for crash bars, handguards, carbon frame protectors and such.) Silver will be fixed up nicely; I've got an idea for a polished frame, chrome parts, aluminum covers and an elegant white design - angelic, in contrast to the black, lightinged Beast. But dang, that'll cost another small fortune. In the end I can insure my license plate for thirty grand.
The Sprint 900 would be a usable practice machine. It got the same power as my 9er and is only slightly heavier. Remove the cowling and it'd be comparable.
I'll talk to Florian about it, considering you can sell the old Sprints for anything between four and ten thousand now. We'll have to see on Monday how much fixing it needs.
The Gilera would be the other option. Selim and Löchen both got wheelies out of it. But for stoppies and burnouts, forget it. The clutch and brakes on that thing are pathetic.
Anyway, nothing's changing in my treatment of the Beast. It'll get out every day, rain or shine, on and offroad. But Silver has from one second to the next gone from fixer-upper to a prestige project.
The timing is lousy. I'm on the brink of going into a quarter-million debt...


  1. Sooo... I thought the problem was possible frame damage on Silver? Are you going to get that checked before tricking it out?

  2. That's already done, as far as possible without fancy equipment or spending 700.-. But the frame survived the crash without a tear or dent.