Friday, October 23, 2009

Checkup of the Gilera XR2

We were ordered to be at the DOT building at 7 a.m. sharp for the Gilera's state inspection. Yesterday I'd filled it up and taken it across the Buchenegg and Albis to make sure it ran all right. The clutch is spongy, and the power only comes around 7000 rpm, but as a daily workhorse it does a good job. It's not finicky with starting either, and if the battery is too weak it can be kickstarted.
The expert was a very friendly guy. Unfortunately we'd overlooked the faint wrinkles and tears in the front tire; weaknesses that develop when a bike stands too long. Also, it turns out the back tire was too wide for the rim. We should have oiled the chain, too. But otherwise, it was in good shape.
The expert gave us the data sheet; within 14 work days we need to bring the Gilera back with new tires and a serviced chain, and then all is well.
Florian's going to go to PSS this evening to schedule the tire change; I'll look around for a new chain but I don't think we'll find one. Then we'll take it in for the final inspection, advertise it and get rid of it. That'll free up room for the Daytona 955i, which is arriving at midday today.

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