Thursday, September 23, 2010

Customer service, capitalized

Monday morning at 6 a.m. the Beast rolled out with torn drive belt. Ronny’s words from the previous Sunday were fresh in my mind: “Keep an eye on that; it’s not going to last much longer.”

I shouldn’t even complain, because 34’410 kilometers on a single belt is a record for me. So far they’ve ripped at 18 and 20 thousand klicks, respectively. But 12 kilometers from home and a good 70 from work, I couldn’t help feeling a little frustrated. Even more so when I discovered that the nearest Harley dealership, where Buell Assistance had my bike taken, was closed on Mondays.

I called them Tuesday morning and discovered that they didn’t have drive belts in stock. An “urgent” order placement would only have the belt there on Friday.

Five days without my motorcycle – factually without transport? I was half-panicked when I called my mechanic in Zurich to ask if they had a belt in stock. And as so often, they were my salvation. They had a belt, and they’d send someone out to the dealership in Weinfelden with it. I could pick up the Beast that evening.

Proof again that I have the best Harley mechanic in the entire world.

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