Friday, January 15, 2010

Best customer

My birthday's in ten days. I'm thinking about taking the day off since I'm going to pick Kris up from the airport in the morning anyway. I haven't a clue what I want to do to make the day special. Go somewhere, do something, but what?
I think I'd be a lot less lethargic if this darn snow would ever disappear. Poor Beastie's getting entirely ignored and I can tell my, what's it called, psychological balance is going off kilter, not being able to drive.
For further bother, I realized today that the Love Ride is on May 2, which means I'll be missing Craig Jones there after already missing his show in Milan. I'm ticked; I told him several times I'd see him in Dübendorf. I'm going to write to him and hope he's got an Italian show in April or May that I can go to despite our 11-day Corsica/Sardinia tour.
Now the reason for the post's title.
Wednesday morning Michi called me and said he'd stumbled over a couple boxes of original parts that evidently belonged to me.
I thought I'd fetched everything in August, but I guess not. So on my way to Opa's midday I swung by the Müllerstrasse and picked the stuff up. First Ralf, one of their German mechanics came out; then Beni dropped was he was doing and came out to shake my hand and thank me for the cakes I brought them before Christmas. He asked after my health and I said aside from the snow I was doing all right, and why didn't they stock spiked tires for winter? He said it was for my own protection, so that I didn't blame them for potential damage... Can't argue with the danger of potential damage. Then Michi and Fabio both came down from an upper story. Michi went to go find the boxes while Fabio told me I could bring the car in.
They still had a seat and some cowling parts from me. I never realized I was missing those. We talked for a couple minutes, and Fabio let the comment fall that I was their best customer, marking up kilometers and always coming in for another service. "Or a new bike, though I haven't wrecked the last one yet," I added.
He quickly said he hadn't meant it that way, and then added thoughtfully, "But if you're going to, you better hurry, because we're about out of Buells."

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